Mossman combines signature
customer service with a total
dedication to build quality

About Mossman

Construction is in Mossman’s blood. Directors Rami Adra and Khoder Samie grew up in families adept in small-scale property development. But with an entire industry out there starving for quality builders, they knew they could leverage their experience into something much bigger.

So in 2008 the boys took on the challenge as a construction company and licensed builder, resulting in Mossman’s first multi-residential project in Lalor. Over the following years, with Rami the business thinker complementing the talents of Khoder the craftsman, they honed their skills until they achieved significant recognition during a 37 unit job—and things really took off.

Quickly building a reputation among developers, investors and architects as a customer-focused solutions team with an uncompromising eye for quality, Mossman expanded its scope and its vision, catering to the multi-residential, luxury new home and commercial markets.

In a few short years, Mossman has completed over 100 projects across Melbourne, overseeing more than 160 carefully vetted subcontractors. Rami and Khoder love what they do, and it shows. The relationships they build with clients are genuine and lasting. With plans to expand nationally and become one of Australia’s leading and most respected construction companies, Mossman makes itself the same promise it makes customers: to be the best, without limits.

Our Directors


Rami Adra

Infused with entrepreneurial spirit, Rami is always asking how can things be done better?

After running and selling a successful heating and cooling business, Rami became a registered building practitioner with qualifications in building and construction in order to build Mossman. His specialty is the back-end; guiding Mossman to meet its ever-evolving challenges, finding new and better ways to benefit customers through the use of digital technology, and spending a lot of time with clients to ensure their every need is taken care of.

Success is Rami’s only yardstick, and he enjoys nothing more than creating a great environment in which the Mossman team can work and succeed together.


Khoder Samie

A qualified carpenter, Khoder has a love of fine craftsmanship and quality finishing that sets him and Mossman apart as builders of distinction.

Khoder’s early experience in the family business project managing a team of 16 carpenters instilled in him a passion for high-end, elegant finishes. This translated into his vision for Mossman as a construction company that enjoys working closely with architects and designers to bring unique visions to life. He oversees all Mossman sites with strict quality control, while working closely with clients, presenting design options that might otherwise have been overlooked.

Quite simply, the whole process of building great buildings alongside a motivated team is what he enjoys most.