Building Split Level Homes on Sloping Sites

If you are thinking building a home on a sloping site, you need not compromise form or function. A well designed, bespoke, split-level home design works with the slope of the land – not against it – all the while enhancing your lifestyle and maximising privacy and views.



Mossman understand the scenario. We see a sloping site not as a ‘problem’ to be overcome, but a unique design opportunity to create a stunningly innovative and original home.


Our in-house home designers view your sloping site as a unique design opportunity to create a home which flow naturally with the natural landscape of your block. So rather than trying to force a ‘standard’ cookie-cutter design into a sloping site – along with costly and unsightly earthworks, drainage and retaining walls –  we will work in collaboration with you to design your home to fit beautifully and efficiently into the surrounding landscape.

stunning house on sloping site

Practical and liveable solutions to the challenges of building on a sloping site.

Designing and building a home on a sloping site presents significant challenges, including:

  • Maximising privacy, sheltering from a prevailing winds and taking advantage of views
  • Minimising disturbance of the site thereby limiting expensive and unsightly earthworks and retaining walls
  • Maximising solar orientation and home energy efficiency
  • Meeting the various requirements from Council including building setbacks, planning overlays, protection of existing vegetation and trees, and protection of neighbouring properties
  • Unstable slopes or groundwater issues creating challenging soil conditions
  • Driveway gradients meeting relevant standards for accessibility
  • Addressing drainage appropriately

stunning house on sloping site

To address these challenges, Mossman provides an end-to-end design and build process including:

  • A thoroughly collaborative bespoke home design process – our in-house design team work with you to consider your lifestyle objectives, site constraints and budget
  • In-house coordination of all necessary planning and building permits and service authority approvals
  • Particular skills in creating bespoke, luxurious, innovative designs for gentle or steep slopes
  • Significant expertise in designing and building on sites with as much as 10 metres off fall and/ or significant cross fall

stunning house on sloping site

Bespoke home design works naturally with the lay of your land.

Often a sloping site is chosen for its location and/ or spectacular views. Our design approach is to maximise the site’s natural attributes to achieve the best possible outcome while embracing views and orientation, but also incorporating design elements such as raised or cathedral ceilings for abundant natural light, stepped floors and clever use of internal space (for example, loft storage).


We will work with you to combine  your design ideas with our expertise.

Our collaborative design design process will result in the home that you envision – an innovative, energy – efficient, and liveable split-level home with luxurious high-end finishes. Your truly bespoke luxury home will be beautiful, functional and a perfect fit for your sloping site.

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